As we are a registered charity and rely on funding on a regular basis to run all our projects for free we do need people who can support us.

There is a variety of way that this can be done.


In aid for us to provide free training & equipment and hands on experience we are looking for people to take part in sponsoring us through adopting one of our hives for a season.

So we have set up a small adopt a hive paypal system for people to support what we are doing. By supporting us you will be helping us in teaching with environmental issues linked to the Honeybee.

There are 3 levels of funding you can do to help us.
Level 1: adopt-a-bee for £1
Level 2: Adopt a Hive for £10 a year – This entitles you to a picture of the adopted hive & a quarterly update of how it’s doing.
Level 3: Adopt a hive £25 a year – This entitles you to a picture of your adopted hive, A small jar of Honey and a monthly update of how the hive and the bees are doing in the colony.

To support us then please click this button and make a payment to ‘’ quoting what level of adoption you are making.

Or to make a general donation please mark payment at ‘Beekeeping‘.


We run a small craft group for people in the community on a Monday night for people wanting to learn something creative.

We do cross-stitch, card making, model painting and are open to doing any form of craft that would be good for the well-being of our users. We provides all the craft materials for free for people to use and learn so we are always on the lookout for more materials and funding for this.

If you have any materials that you would like to give us then please get in touch.

If you would like to make a donation to our project you can do so via our Paypal link below and make a payment to ‘’. Please remember to mark any donations as ‘CRAFT’.


We run a small games club for people to come along and have a fun nights entertainment playing a variety of board & strategy game.
This requires a large amount of equipment, some of which has to be built, painted and restored from time to time.

So we are always looking for donations of board games, specifically war-gaming and materials to make things. If yuo have anything you wish to donate then please contact us.

Or you can make a cash donation to the project using our Paypal system below and make a payment to ‘’. Please mark all payments as ‘GAMES’.

Thanks you for all your support and help

Dave & Diane Gillan