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One of our main projects is to provide a games club for our local community. The objectives of the club is to bring about an aspect of integrated socialising through group participation in playing board, card & strategy wargames.

We provide many different aspects of gaming from level 1 to level 5 type board games. We also try to provide all the basic games equipment for people who have never played before and have not collected anything themselves.

We do strategy based wargames on 6 4×6 boards for a various range of games from 40k, x-wing, star trek, armada and many more

We are on every Saturday from 10am until the last person leaves. (please note that most of our games last for about 2+ hours but some can run up to 4+ hours as we teach people to play the games). Saturdays are always FREE for people to come and game.

We also have other days & nights people can come along and game by hiring one of our tables.

Our official opening times are:
Monday       – 10am til 10pm
Tuesday       – 10am til 10pm
Wednesday  – 10am til 10pm
Thursday      – 10am til 10pm
Friday           – 10am til 10pm
Saturday       – 10am til 10pm
Sunday          – CLOSED

We also have a shop that sells gaming materials to help us raise funds for our charity.

You can also join us on our Facebook page by clicking this Link